Friday, September 17, 2010

Intel Wants to Dictate What Software Their CPU's Can Run

According to the latest speculation, Intel may be planning to implement code signing and whitelisting into their future lines of processors.  On first glance this sounds like a good idea to help alleviate the disaster that has been Windows security for so long, but there is one little detail that I am not sure Intel has considered: what about those of us that don't run Windows?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pypass Updated to GTK Interface

I updated my password generating program from the unsightly Tkinter to GTK 2.  It should now fit in with whatever theme one is using in Gnome.  I also got rid of the hashing and the option to use /dev/random.  Since /dev/urandom is essentially just a non-blocking /dev/random and about as strong, I see no reason to continue supporting /dev/random.  In the future I plan on supporting a PRNG that takes random input from the user as a seed.  You can get it from my PPA (if on Ubuntu) or from SourceForge.